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The shelter is here to help all animals that live in the Smithtown Township, including wildlife.  If you find an injured wildlife, you can transport it to a local animal hospital, Commack Animal Emergency Service, 6230-C Jericho Turnpike, Commack (631)  462-6044, or Sweetbrier Nature Center, 62 Eckernkamp Dr., Smithtown, (631) 979-6344.  If you are unable or unwilling to transport the wildlife, we ask that you keep an eye on the animal, call us at (631) 360-7575, and wait at the scene until an animal control officer arrives, so that we can pick it up and transfer it so that it can be treated for it’s injuries by a veterinarian or wildlife rehabilitator  Unfortunately, raccoons and bats can not be assisted by the shelter, veterinarian, or rehabilitator- the police must be contacted  at (631) 854-8400.  Although many wildlife species are nocturnal, it is not uncommon for these animals to be found roaming during the day. (Don’t assume they are rabid because they are roaming during daylight hours.)

If wildlife is found in your yard and seems uninjured, keep your pets and food inside to allow enough time for the wildlife to feel safe and return to it’s own home.

The shelter should be contacted if deceased wildlife are found on public property in the Town of Smithtown, so that they can be picked up and disposed of.  Homeowners are responsible for disposal of wildlife on private property.

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