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Intake Date: 11/1/21

Breed: Pit Mix

Gender: Female

DOB: 2012 (estimated)

Color: Red/White

Good w/Kids: yes

Good w/Dogs: Not likely (loves her brother, he lets her be in charge)

Good w/Cats: no

Medical: Dry eye/Skin

Lovely Delilah and her brother, Samson were abandoned in a park after the death of their mom.  These siblings simply love each other.  Delilah is a bit dominant and does not accept many other dogs, just her brother who submits to her well.  Delilah loves all people and getting attention.  She has chronic dry eye and will need daily eye medication for life.  She has some skin sensitivities that will need to be managed as well.  These adoring siblings deserve a happy ever after together!  While we would love nothing more than to see them adopted together, we will separate them if needed.

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