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Other Adoptable Pets


The Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter is NOT equipped to safely house animals other than dogs & cats long term.  However, if an animal is in danger and needs housing temporarily until another rescue has room, we will do our best to provide safe shelter while we can.  While the animal waits for space to open in another rescue, it will be available for adoption through our Adoption Center.

Adopt-Don't-Shop applies to all pets.  If you are looking for a pet other than a dog or cat, please check with our friends at:

STAR Foundation - variety of exotic pets

Long Island Budgie Rescue - Budgies and small birds

All About Rabbits Rescue - Rabbits

Brucie's Angels - saved research animals and farm animals

Long Island Parrot Society - Variety of Parrots for rehoming

Porcellus Place - Rescued Guinea Pigs for adoption

Long Island Turtle Rescue - rescued turtles and tortoises 

Links Below: 

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li parrot.png

Other adoptable pets available through Smithtown Animal Shelter: 


Intake Date: 4/16/24

Breed: rabbit

Color: White

Sex: Male

DOB: unknown

Medical: none

Cadbury was found as a stray and never claimed.  This super beauty is a big boy with a big appetite.  He is partially litter trained (it's a work in progress). Cadbury is inquisitive and adventurous.  He is still learning to enjoy pets and love, but has no fear of approaching for a sweet treat!   

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