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Our Adoptable Cats

All Cats are Spayed/Neutered; Current on vaccinations; Dewormed;

Monthly Flea & Tick Prevention Applied. Microchipped and FeLV/FIV negative unless otherwise Stated.


Kittens! Kittens of all types are usually readily available during kitten season (May through September). There are often kittens of some age available at other times. We do not update kittens on the website as they come and go very quickly and their looks change even faster! Give us a call to check on availability.


Name: Smokey Breed: Domestic Short Hair Color: Brown Tabby/white Gender: Male DOB: 2009 Intake Date: 8/26/23 Medical: None Sweet senior Smokey was adopted from us as a kitten and returned when his mom fell on hard times and had to move. This guy is all affection all of the time. He is a gentle as he is handsome and has lived with another cat in the past. Smokey has a clean bill of health and wants to be spoiled in his golden years.


Name: Akneada (Anita) Baker Breed: Domestic Short Hair Color: Calico Gender: Female DOB: 2013 (estimated) Intake Date: 6/5/23 Medical: dental disease Akneada was named because her feet are always kneading like a baker & she sings a lot. She was found as an emaciated stray w/such severe dental problems they had infected her sinuses & upper airway. She is well on her way to being healthy. She needs a second dental procedure, then her happily ever after. She is affectionate & vocal


Name: Alabama Breed: Domestic Short Hair Color: Brown tabby & White Gender: Female DOB: 2018 (estimated) Intake Date: 5/16/23 Medical: non-medicated eye issues Sweet Alabama was found in a vehicle wheel well! She is outgoing, affectionate & very vocal. Alabama is not afraid to demand your attention. This beauty has elevated 3rd eyelids that do not require medication & seem to not cause her any issue. She is unsure around other cats, but will likely be able to live with feline friends.


Name: Yodel Breed: Domestic Short Hair Color: Brown Tabby/White Gender: Male DOB: 2016 (estimated) Intake Date: 3/29/23 Medical: none Yodel was trapped as part of our TNR program. Named for his constant “singing” and vocal attitude, Yodel seems to even say “I love you” at times (especially food time). This sweet boy loves to be petted and will roll over and flirt with you at cuddle time. Do not let his grumpy face fool you, there is nothing grumpy about his demeanor.


Name: Ratatouille Breed: Domestic Short Hair Color: Brown tabby/white Gender: Female DOB: 2018(estimated) Intake Date: 2/23/23 Medical: Eosinophilic Granuloma Ratatouille is a sweet girl that loves head scratches and hates to see people go. This little lady has what is commonly referred to as Rodent Ulcers. This is a reactive skin condition that requires steroid treatment from time to time. She has a lesion on her lip and her side. This is not contagious to other animals.


Name: Janet Breed: Domestic Short Hair Color: Brown & White Tabby Gender: Female DOB: 5/2017 Intake Date: 3/4/23 Medical: None Janet is a shy girl with a gentle heart. She is scared of most people, but will warm up if given some time, space and patience. Sweet Janet spent her early years with us and was adopted for a year and a half before her new parents fell on hard times and had to return her. Janet has lived with other cats, but would do best in a dog free, adult only, quiet environment


Name: Gina Breed: Domestic Short Hair Color: Brown Tabby Gender: Female DOB: 2020 (estimated) Intake Date: 8/25/22 Medical: None Gina was abandoned behind a local grocery store. Initially, Gina was and can be very affectionate. She is a cat that is accustomed to being outside and gets nutty if she is not permitted to hunt and play. While we never advocated for outdoor cats, this is the only way she will be happy and healthy. Gina becomes aggressive if she cannot express herself.


Name: Zendaya Breed: Domestic Short Hair Color: Black and White Gender: Female DOB: 10/21 Intake Date: 2/2/22 Medical: LEUKEMIA + Zendaya is Leukemia positive. She will need to be the only cat or be with other positive or vaccinated cats. She is a sweetheart and loves people. She has not been tested with other cats as we do not have any other positive cats to test her with at this time. She is a kitten, we are sure she will adjust so long as she has love.


Name: Pretzel Breed: Domestic Short Hair Color: Grey&White Gender: Male DOB: 9/2020 (estimated) Intake Date: 3/10/21 Medical: None Pretzel came from a cat hoarding situation where he had very little human interaction. His ideal home would be quiet, adult only and dog free and humans with lots of patience and love to give him. He is used to living with loads of other cats, so he would not mind kitty siblings.


Name: Nala Breed: Domestic Short Hair Color: Black Gender: Female DOB: 7/2013 (estimated) Intake Date: 9/20/13 Medical: None Nala is a long term resident of the shelter and the cat room. She enjoys the other cats that she lives with, but is very shy with people. She needs a quiet home and parents that can give her time and patience.


Name: Sonic Breed: Domestic Short Hair Color: Brown Tabby & White Gender: Female DOB: 4/2019 (estimated) Intake Date: 4/18/20 Medical: none Sonic was found as a stray scavenging for scraps of food at a local Sonic restaurant. She is very shy but not the least bit aggressive. She will purr for people she trusts. She will take a little love and patience, but she will be very worth it. She would prefer a quiet and calm household.


Name: Chloe Breed: Domestic Short Hair Color: Grey & White Gender: Female DOB: 2016 Intake Date: 1/10/20 Medical: Seizure disorder Chloe was returned to us because her family could not maintain her medical needs. Her seizures are managed with daily medication. She is a sweet and affectionate cat. She has lived with small children and gets along with other cats.


Name: Jack Breed: Domestic Short Hair Color: Brown Tabby Gender: Male DOB: 5/2017 Intake Date: 7-18-17 Medical: None Jack is a handsome cat who hangs with his friends in our sunny cat room. He is shy but enjoys getting treats from volunteers.


Name: Cash Breed: Domestic Short Hair Color: White and Grey Tabby Gender: Female DOB: 2008 (estimated) Intake Date: 4-20-10 Medical: None Cash can be seen taking in the sun in our enclosed cat-patio or curled up in one of the beds with a volunteer stroking her fur. Cash gets along well with all cats. She can be shy with strangers, but once she warms up, she is quite affectionate.


Name: Cookie Breed: Domestic Short Hair Color: Black and White Gender: Female DOB: 6/2011 Intake Date: 10/8/11 Medical: None Cookie is a shy beauty. She has bonded to a few of our volunteers who have shown her patience and love. She loves to socialize with other cats.

King Leonidas

Name: King Leonidas Breed: Domestic Short Hair Color: Black & White Gender: Male DOB: 3/2014 Intake Date: 9-6-14 Medical: None King Leonidas has been at the shelter since he was a little kitten. He gets along with other cats and likes his treats. He’s a quiet, shy guy who enjoys spending the day relaxing. He is not a fan of human interaction.

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