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Happily Ever After!

"He's a great addition to the family. It's been like he's been here for years!" ~Mr. Tubbs' Family

"Joni is enjoying her forever home and her new family." ~Joni's Family

"Lilac is happy and content." ~Lilac's Family


Lily brings such joy and happiness to our family. Thank you to the Smithtown Animal Shelter. ~The Linden Family


"We love him and he loves us too. Best dog ever!" - Sabastian's Family


"Hope is the most loyal dog I ever had. She comes off tough but she's really a big mush." - Hope's Family


"We love our Luna.She finds all the good places to hide. Thank you Smithtown Shelter for making this connection for us." - Luna's Family


"She's made our lives complete." - Hennesy's Family


"Greyson will live happily ever after! He's the sweetest easiest pet! Thank you for finding him." - Greyson's Family


"Kanye has brought so much joy!" - Kanye's Family

Bella and Daisy

"Our beautiful girls have come a long way from being tied to a tree!" - Bella and Daisy's Family

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